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Dr. Lilya Wagner, CFRE
Debra Brill

Debra Brill

NAD Vice President & Chair of PSI’s advisory committee
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Michael Brown

Michael Brown

Associate Director/Programs
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Randy Fox

Randy Fox

Fundraising Fitness Test, Finance Manager
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Mark Lindemann

Mark Lindemann

Assistant Director
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Lorena Hernandez

Lorena Hernandez

Senior Office Assistant
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Tandi Perkins

Tandi Perkins

Client Services Director
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It all adds up.

Great staff are the torchbearers of any successful organization, and its board is the foundation for the future.

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PSI Advisory Committee as of 1/18/17

Debra C. Brill
Wally Amundson
Ed Barnett
A. J. Brown, III
Rachelle B. Bussell
Christopher D. Carey
Steve Dickman
Tom Evans
David Faehner
Louis Gehring
Volodymyr Grinchenko
Charlotte Henderson
Paul Hunt
John Huynh
Sung Kwon
Harold Lee

John Mathews
Émile Maxi
Jarrod McNaughton
Carmelo Mercado
John Negley
Dionisio Olivo
Lois Peters
Jackie Phillips
Rick Remmers
Womack H. Rucker
Nikolaus Satelmajer
Ken Shaw
Daniel Stojanovic
Halvard B. Thomsen
Darren Wilkins

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