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About the President's Dinner

The annual Presidents’ Dinner for Philanthropy began in 1977 when 18 General Conference officers and college presidents met for lunch during Annual Council to discuss philanthropy. After two years, the “Luncheon for Philanthropy” became an evening event.

The purpose of the dinner is to inform Adventist leaders of the North America Division about current trends, practices and research about fundraising and philanthropy. It also creates a sense of awareness, involvement, and ownership of philanthropic programs among church leaders and key supporters. The designation recognizing it as “The President’s Dinner on Philanthropy” allows North American Division President Dan Jackson to recognize the significance of philanthropy and fundraising in Church institutions, and commend those who support these efforts. Attending the dinner are leaders of the Seventh-day Adventist church in North America and its institutions.


As is traditional, PSI plans, manages and presents the President’s events each year during the Year-End meetings time. In 2016 the dinner and colloquium were combined due to a tight time schedule for the regular year-end meetings, and the focus was on “thinking outside of the box.” Representatives of all subsectors of the NAD presented on what their organizations had accomplished in fundraising (please see copy of the program below).

Each speaker presented information during a five-minute time slot (a most challenging task!) and shared his/her experience in fundraising. This was not a time to laud PSI with a paean but to share four points very briefly—what has worked for each organization, one mistake that was made, the value of fundraising in a few words, and finally what helped the most that PSI provided. We wanted to impart some practical advice and reports that would benefit our attendees. These short remarks were both well-presented and well-received, and we were pleased that this event, the dinner and colloquium, was beneficial to the hundred-plus attendees. We sincerely thank our presenters for making this evening a success. In addition, Dr. Lilya Wagner shared information about PSI work during 2016 and each participant received a folder of materials.

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